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As much as I want to hold onto it, the summer is fading and today there is a slight chill in the air. Cooler months are up ahead and the change of season always demands more caution to prevent cold and upset in the system. Here are some ways to help keep uplifted and energised going forward into September and the Autumn months. 

  • Cultivate a daily Meditation practice: sitting quietly for just 5-10 minutes can reset your nervous system and offer some rest. It helps you take a step back from activity and creates a pause from the your daily rhythm. Pausing allows you to slow down instead of running on automatic mode. 


  • Have a warm oil massage before your morning shower: warm up 2 tbsp sesame or olive oil, and starting from your feet, use both circular and sweeping movements to massage all the way up towards your face and head. This should take 5 minutes. Have a warm shower. Sesame oil massages are both refreshing and invigorating. Some great morning essential oils to add to the warmed oil: try lavender or rosemary or neroli.


  • Go outside soon after waking: even 10 minutes of daylight soon after rising will set your internal clock so that your body knows when to go to sleep and you’ll have better deeper sleep. Your skin, eyes and brain are light sensitive and exposing yourself to sunlight first thing in the day will regulate the day/night cycles(circadian rhythm). 

Enjoy the rest of summer…


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