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Its a glorious first day of September and the start of a new phase of school and work. A new term of teaching yoga classes begins soon too and this is a great time of year, after all the activity of summer, to take stock of the various areas of our lives and figure out how to keep the balance.

‘dancer pose’ Natarajasana

Trying to work out what this right balance is will involve taking a step back from activity and creating the space to take note of things and reflect. You will need to explore what works best for you: it could be journal writing or making lists, taking a walk out in nature, sitting quietly in Meditation or engaging in some form of bodywork like Yoga which brings your attention into the moment and helps you discover what you are actually feeling. Yoga and Meditation are invaluable practices which help us feel more embodied and able to see more clearly what is needed and what is important in our lives. Some other benefits of a regular Yoga practice include a reduction in stress levels through mindfulness in movement and breathing, an increase in energy and stamina, better quality sleep and relief from a backache and mobility issues. 

A regular 10 – 20 minute practice can have a profound impact on health and well-being. To help you get started, try out this 10 minute video.

Dynamic and restorative classes

Watch Fazila’s Ten-minute yoga session on YouTube.

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