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It’s officially Springtime and this is a good time of year to create a simple and supportive routine to increase wellness and vitality.

The changing of seasons brings with it fluctuations in temperature and wind, increased humidity and pollen, and this can be unsettling on the inner systems especially if we don’t take the necessary steps to adjust and implement new lifestyle habits.

Here are some of my favourite ways to feel lighter and well rested and to help keep the liver rejuvenated and less congested.

Drink two glasses of hot lemon water per day(morning and mid morning)

Engage in some kind of movement within the first hour of waking(walking or yoga are good choices)

Increase liquids by drinking herb teas(mint and honey tea) and eat warm soupy foods for reducing mucus if you are prone to allergies

Eat more greens like spinach, kale, parsley, arugula, coriander, salad greens, chard

Create a regular bedtime(9.30-10.30pm) and wake earlier instead

Use a wellbeing oil in the shower or before bedtime to evoke feelings of relaxation and to soothe out achy muscles. You can use any organic oils but these are the ones I use everyday. 

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Relax: During Yoga practice and at bedtime

Detox: Morning shower

Wishing you all a happy healthy Springtime!


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